7 Influencer Marketing Trends to Watch Out for this 2023

25th February 2023

As digital marketing rapidly evolves, influencers have become increasingly important drivers of brand awareness and sales. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, 93% of marketers have used influencer marketing in their campaigns, and it’s now considered a key advertising strategy. This number is expected to rise in the next few years as more businesses recognise its potential. To stay ahead of the game, here are seven key trends in influencer marketing that should be on your radar this 2023.


Increased Use of Cross-Channel Campaigns


increased use of cross channel campaigns digital marketing agency in market harborough

Businesses are increasingly turning to influencers and cross-channel campaigns. This means working with influencers across multiple platforms and creating audience engagement through well-thought-out campaigns that range from social media posts and ads to influencer contests and giveaways. It’s an exciting time for businesses, as these cross-channel campaigns offer a chance to reach larger target audiences and increase overall reach exponentially. With influencers sharing content on multiple channels, businesses can gain insight into their fans’ interests and build relationships with them in more meaningful ways. By expanding the usage of influencer campaigns even further, we can expect businesses to experience even higher results this year.


Video Content Will Remain King


video content will remain king digital marketing leicester

Influencers and businesses will be keen to capitalise on the power of video for their campaigns, as it allows for extended storytelling, creativity, better engagement, and increased recognition. Using influencers to create video content can garner an enormous amount of attention in a short period of time, since influencers need fewer resources than traditional ad campaigns. Not only can influencers create compelling stories around products or services using video, but they also have the ability to drive conversion rates through influences that directly relate to their followers’ interests. This, in turn, will continue to keep video content at the forefront this 2023.


The Rise of Livestream Shopping


the rise of livestream shopping social media agency in leicester

The growing popularity of livestream shopping is undeniable: influencers, businesses, and shoppers will continue to take advantage of this trend. Consumers enjoy shopping for the products influencers use or review in real-time, allowing them to get up close and personal with influencer recommendations and favourite brands.


Influencers Will Become Key to Many Affiliate Programs


influencers key to affiliate programs social media agency in market harborough

As influencer marketing becomes more popular this year, influencers will become a key factor for many businesses with affiliate programs. They have the potential to open up a world of targeted audience engagement and promotional opportunities for businesses seeking success. This could range from sharing content and raising awareness of the business on their channels to attracting a vetted audience to their networks—making influencers an invaluable resource for modern advertising. The use of influencers continues to heat up; knowing how best to use influencers in your affiliate program will be essential moving forward and will offer businesses an incredible amount of potential.


Micro and Nano Influencers Will Take Centre Stage


micro nano influencers centre stage social media marketing agency leicester

As influencer marketing grows, so will micro and nano influencers. These influencers often have fewer than 100,000 followers, but they can play an essential role in building brand recognition due to their niche interests and fostering a better connection with their engaged audiences. Micro and nano influencers have a highly targeted reach, providing a better ROI than the average influencer campaign.


Niche Influencers Will Make a Mark


niche influencers make a mark social media marketing agency in market harborough

Niche influencers will grow in popularity, and more businesses will leverage them to generate interest and brand recognition with niche audiences. This will be prominent for niche topics with smaller but more engaged audiences, making niche influencers an ideal choice for businesses. As niche topics become the focus of marketing content strategies, this trend is expected to continue this year and beyond, with niche influencers becoming even more sought after for connecting brands with their desired audiences.


The Growing Popularity of Performance-Based Deals


popularity of performance based deals social media marketing leicester

As marketers become increasingly data savvy, they will be looking to leverage sophisticated analytics tools to understand their influencer campaigns’ impact better. This will require an increased focus on metrics such as engagement rates, reach, impressions, and ROI to understand clearly which campaigns are working and which aren’t.

As data and measuring return on investment (ROI) gain importance, businesses are transitioning from pure brand deals and sponsorships towards performance-based deals. Such deals encourage influencers to adopt data-driven decision-making and focus on performance metrics generated for the company. On the other hand, businesses will see data-driven outcomes across their influencer campaigns. This shift to performance-based deal structures is expected to accelerate this 2023, allowing businesses more innovative ways to quantify and optimise their spending with influencers.

This year, many exciting opportunities are ahead for businesses looking to leverage influencer marketing. While some of the trends outlined here may come and go, it’s important to remain adaptable and take advantage of emerging trends that can help you ensure success when planning your next influencer marketing campaign.


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