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"Using Metrics to Connect customers with businesses & brands"

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Metric Connect was founded in 2019 by Atish & Kristina Parmar with the ambition to offer expertise to businesses by increasing their revenue through digital marketing. For us to grow, our clients need to be successful, this formula ensures our intentions of having our clients interest as a top-priority.

Our Mission

The need of outsourcing your marketing to an expert team is essential to grow your business. Our agency aims to provide the best returns on your investment by informing you of new trends that you should be implementing and creating a modern marketing infrastructure to make sure your reach, engagement, following and essentially the leads are continuing to grow simultaneously as other parts of your business do.

Atish Parmar - CEO
Atish Parmar

Atish has been in business since he was 21, he has built a handful of businesses and then successfully sold three of them. A keen property/business investor and loves working in the world of B2B helping businesses achieve the heights they desire.

Having always had a key eye on increasing business online, creating a digital marketing agency to help businesses was a ‘no-brainer’ as his previous businesses had a key element of success direct from social & digital marketing.

Atish likes to play football, cricket & badminton. He is a father to two children and acknowledges that they run the show.

Kristina Parmar - CEO
Kristina Parmar

Kristina has worked with Salesforce for over 10 years and has expertise in running a successful CRM. This works great with Metric Connect as Kristina is responsible for the operations side of the business.

Kristina enjoys running and is the master of organisation, everything in her world needs to be clean and labelled, so all-in-all some great traits to have as one of our directors at Metric Connect.

Certified Marketers

We have qualified creditions in the following areas: