Additions to YouTube Shorts that Made the Feature Even More Beneficial

07th April 2023

YouTube added features on Shorts that covers comment replies, memberships, and Data Stories. All of these updates are made for content creators to achieve a wider audience, form connections with the audience, and determine how they can improve their channels.

Businesses are eyeing the potential of these new features and how these can help them succeed.

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Replying to comments with Shorts


YouTube, much like TikTok, has made it possible for creators to respond to a comment with their own short-form videos called YouTube Shorts. The reason for this is YouTube wants to make its Shorts feature a more efficient way for creators to reach and interact with more viewers and other creators.

Creator Insider explained that when a creator replies to comments with Shorts, the commenter will receive a notification. The comment sticker of the Short will also be tappable immediately. When viewers tap it, they will see the original Short or the long-form video that was commented on.

YouTube aims for all creators to gain more opportunities to interact with potential subscribers and viewers or at least any type of audience, regardless of whether it’s their target or not. Also, they made it possible in easy steps.


How can Shorts used as comment replies be beneficial for brands or businesses?


According to Carley Paulsen on Metigy, “…videos between 15 – 60 seconds can help [a business] reach a wider audience and grow [their] brand awareness.”

She told the story of Brandon Baums as an example. In just two weeks, his channel went from having 2,300 followers and a total of 227,000 views to having 148,000 subscribers and a staggering 65 million views.

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Individuals have developed a greater preference for watching videos that are only a few minutes long because, as The Leap describes them, they are “bite-sized and easily digestible.” They provide viewers with the information they want faster than long-form videos, which require them to pay attention for 10 minutes or more.

There have been a lot of businesses that have capitalised on the fact that consumers have had shorter attention spans. They know that viewers don’t even finish watching long commercials, including the ads on YouTube videos. Hence, they are now creating concise, engaging videos to advertise their products effectively.

With the new feature allowing YouTube Shorts to serve as comment replies, businesses with YouTube channels can convert viewers into their customers and supporters.

Here’s an example scenario:

A famous content creator publishes a vlog where she talks about her favourite makeup products in 2022. The products include a lipstick in her favourite shade. Among the many comments, one is asking about what cheaper brands offer the same lipstick shade. A makeup business owner can take the chance to reply to that comment with a Short showing their product which can be a dupe for the lipstick on the content creator’s video. Many viewers can tap the sticker of the Short and eventually be their customers.

To specify the main reasons why Shorts are beneficial to brands or businesses, here are the ideas chopped into four:

• You can communicate with younger people even though they choose shorter videos over lengthy pieces of marketing content.

• You can showcase your brands or business through entertaining, educating videos.

• Your business has the potential to be endorsed or publicised by renowned influencers.

• You can learn much about the market, trends, and competitors.


Joining a creator channel


YouTube is also providing the capability for users to become members of a channel directly from the shorts feed. This feature will be available to subscribers of a channel.

Creator Inside stated that the Join button “will show to subscribers on Android and iOS. The goal is to give more subscribers of a channel the opportunity to support a creator through channel memberships.”

This is helpful for businesses whose goal is to achieve a significant number of engagements. However, Youtube Help Center writes, “Channel memberships allow viewers to join your channel through monthly payments and get members-only perks like badges, emoji, and other goods.”


Data Stories on YouTube Analytics


YouTube’s full-screen Data Stories cards, which provide rapid updates on a channel’s performance, have recently been updated. There are four broad categories of insights regarding Data Stories: Audience, Content, Monetisation, and Education about YouTube. You can watch their explanations here.

Generally, creators will have another opportunity to learn more about the overall success of their channels with the new post analytics, which will provide them with concise headline notes highlighting essential statistics. The notes are easy to understand and in a friendly tone.

This update will help business channels better understand how their audience interacts with their content and discover new ways to enhance it.




YouTube’s recent updates made the platform more advantageous for content creators, including brands and business owners. With more ways to showcase their products through interesting Shorts, connect to their viewers, and learn how to enhance their channel, businesses are geared toward advanced and creative forms of advertising on YouTube. As an agency for digital marketing in Leicestershire, we encourage businesses to observe the trends and jump on the things that attract viewers the most.


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