How to get more views on Instagram Reels

31st January 2022

How to get more views on Instagram Reels

You may have come across this blog as you are aware that Instagram Reels is the main and most important method to grow your Instagram profile. Instagram introduced Reels in August 2020 due to the massive impact that TikTok has created of swiping up to watch tips, facts, and fun things you like. 

When new things are being introduced on a social media platform, they tend to give a good rate of growth for your own profile if you use it first as this exposure is exactly what they are looking for. So starting early with new trends is great for organic growth. We are 18 months in since Reels was created (blog published Feb 2022), however, there is still room for massive growth. People’s ways have changed and video format is a much better way to absorb information. 

Now…… you may be thinking – where do I start? Here’s our list of tips on how to grow your Instagram account by using Reels. 

1. Is your content going to help someone?

Sometimes, it’s as easy as that. Think of ways people would like to view what you have to offer. Is it worth sharing and adding to the viewer’s story?

Content is always king and producing sharable videos is a major factor when it comes to getting the views higher. Make a plan of content about your product or service and how it can help someone.

2. Consistent 

Good content will bring the crowd to you, inevitably it will get you more followers. The person that has just followed you has made a decision that you fit the bill of content that they wish to consume. If you are not consistent then there is no need to follow your page. 

Decide today and think of how many Reels you wish to produce each day or week. We’re not going to give you the option of once a month as that is like a year on Instagram. 

3. The Hook

The 3-second rule. Make sure the first 3 seconds catch the viewer’s attention to avoid them scrolling up and not watching the whole Reel. A human face, product or an offer can help catch the attention. 

4. Creative edits and transitions

You will have an option on music, time-lengths, speed, and layouts. Start getting used to these and each small segment you record will be saved and these options can be introduced on each different recording. Trending transitions are shown on your explore feed and once you consume some Reel content you start to see what’s trending. 

5. Thumbnails

Create a unique/branded thumbnail so it relates to your brand or business and has the title of what the Reel is about. When a menu of Reels is shown, the viewer can make a decision on consuming previous reels you have made. Note, the title should be in the middle so it’s not blocked with the icons that are shown on your smartphone. 

Atish Parmar Instagram
Atish Parmars Instagram menu

6. Trending Sounds and Hashtags

Start saving the music you like and use them on your next Reel. Apps such as TrendTok are great to see upcoming music or hashtags. Another way of getting the right trends is to copy what’s happening on TikTok. Using the likes of Creative Center will allow you to search topics and give you the data of trending music and hashtags. 

7. The weird and funny stuff

Very Good Very Nice
A picture of the Very Good Very Nice man


You may think that everyone has gone crazy and they are doing the weird/funny videos (that you actually like too). Jumping on these viral videos is good, but tweaking it to suit your business is even better and you have thought outside the box. This helps growth massively as a new audience that wouldn’t normally search for your profile/brand has eyes on your Instagram page. 

8. Share

Share onto your stories to inform your current followers of your new Reel. A link can be copied and added to your email marketing campaign to get your email list onto Instagram. 


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