How To Save Money on Facebook Ads

15th November 2021

How To Save Money on Facebook Ads


So you want to run Facebook Ads? Let us be the first to give you a high five. You’ve made an
excellent business decision and if done correctly, it can generate phenomenal numbers for your
business. Best practices come and go, new features are constantly being added, and it’s easier
than ever to make a simple mistake that could cause your ad campaigns to fall short of your
goals and ultimately lose you your hard-earned money. In this article, we’ll uncover the common
mistakes we see advertisers make on Facebook:


1. Bland Ad Creatives

Everything starts with your creatives. The number one goal for you is to stop people from
scrolling. You can’t do that with boring creatives. Not only that, if you don’t rotate your creatives
they will go stale. Have you ever been on Facebook and felt as though you were seeing the
same ads repeatedly? We have all done so. If it’s not enjoyable for you, why would you subject
your audience to it? Not only can ad fatigue result in a decline in performance for those assets,
but you’re also creating negative mental associations with your brand in the minds of potential

2. Optimising For The Wrong Objective

Your ad objectives should be aligned with your business goals. Choosing the wrong objective
can derail your ads from the very beginning. Knowing your objectives before the start of the
campaign would help you measure accurately if you are getting the desired results. And if things
aren’t working as planned, you can decide to pause or change the parameters for your
campaign instead of just wasting funds.

3. Over-Segmenting Your Audience

Having too tight of a hold on your audiences can be a detriment on Facebook. Just like objective
optimization, we need to ensure we have enough data for Facebook to go on and see success.
If you’re segmenting your audiences too far and putting them into different ad sets, you’ll likely
never get out of Facebook’s learning phase. Facebook’s Ad platform is one of the most if not the
most sophisticated in the market. Let it do some of the work. Trust us, it will get you better
results and you will get way more results from your budget.

4. Poor Value Proposition

When it comes to marketing, your value proposition is critical. Ignoring it can have a detrimental
effect on your campaign. Your value proposition is what will persuade people to do business
with you or to use your product over a competitor’s. It demonstrates clearly from the start what
benefits you can offer them. Unfortunately, many businesses do not bother making their value proposition visible in their Facebook Ad campaigns or do not even know what it is. If you’re in
the latter category, Uber is an excellent example of a value proposition. You can use this
template to create your own or to improve an existing one.

In conclusion, Facebook ads can be your business’s best tool to bring in more customers or can
be the worst money pitfall. Learn every day and don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. It’s
better to pay a professional to do the job as it brings in results for your business than doing it on
your own and sinking your budget with little to no results.

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