How to scale your Facebook Ads

14th June 2020

Here are our four ways of scaling your facebook ads by Metric Connect.

  1. Increase the geographic area of your audience targeting. Once your Facebook pixel has collected enough data about what your ideal customer looks like in one country, you can apply these lessons to target markets in other countries.
  2. Increase the size of a Facebook lookalike audience. A Facebook lookalike audience will likely be filled with prospects who are similar to your best existing customers. When you a build a lookalike, you choose a source audience, which is a custom audience built using data from your Facebook pixel. If you want to scale a lookalike audience by increasing the audience size percentage, its worth starting off with a small audience and seeing how receptive they are to your ads.
  3. Change your Facebook ad creative and segment your audience. How your audience reacts too your Facebook ads will depend on where people are in their customer journey. This is why its important to carefully consider your objectives for each campaign. For instance, if your objective is to inform cold prospects about a listing, you can run a video ad. After you run an ad campaign ad gets insight into the behaviours of your customers and prospects, segment your warm audience. To illustrate for a video ad, you segment by how much people watched – 25%, 50%, 75% , and 100% of your video.
  4. Increase your budget. Increasing your ad spend every 3-5 days is advisable early on, particularly if you are beginning to see good returns from set of ads. This type of scaling is known as vertical scaling. A sustainable way to see if you ad is giving you the results you need is to keep an eye on your return on ad spend (ROAS). If you are spending £50 per day on your ads and those ads are leading to £300 in sales per day, you have a ROAS of 6.0 so you know your ads are working.

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