Instagram Launches ‘Channels’ Broadcast Chat Feature

14th March 2023

On 17 February 2023, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri and Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the new Instagram feature in which creators may give their followers access to their own personal channel. This broadcast feature, called “Channels,” is a one-to-many group chat where the creator can share updates like messages, voice mails, videos, and photos directly with the followers. They can also create polls in which followers can participate.

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One of the advantages of being a member of a creator’s broadcast channel is that you will be among the first people to get recent updates from that creator. Generally, they aim to help creators directly communicate with their audience and “form deeper connections with their communities.”


How does Broadcast Channel work?

For now, creators who wish to gain access to broadcast channels need to sign up on the waitlist on their mobile devices first. Instagram indicates that early access will only be made available to a select group of users and that the feature’s rollout will occur in rounds.

When a creator gains permission to broadcast channels on Instagram, they shall send the first message from their inbox; then, their followers will get a notification inviting them to join the channel. The notification will be sent only once.

Once the creator’s broadcast channel is live, they can invite people to join their channel through a “Join channel” sticker on their IG Stories. Soon, the app will allow creators to pin the link on their profile so that people can join anytime.

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Who can join a creator’s broadcast channel, and what can they do in it?

Anyone can discover the broadcast channel link on a creator’s page. When you click it, there will be a prompt saying you need to follow the creator to preview the channel content and join.

As mentioned, the followers will get a notification about the creator’s new broadcast channel. They can simply click it to join.

Emoji reactions and poll answers are ways for members of the broadcast channel to participate in the conversation surrounding the creator’s updates.

If the members wish not to receive notifications when the creator posts an update on the channel, they can mute it by clicking on the channel name. They will see the Mute icon, and once they click it, they can toggle the ‘Mute messages’ on.

They can also mute any form of updates from the creator by going to their profile and clicking the bell icon. Then, there will be a prompt showing which update notification they want to mute. You can also share the channel’s link with anyone by copying it.


What can businesses get from this new IG feature?

Whether you have a brand or a business, having this information available to your followers can help them get to know you and your goods and services better. They will enjoy the fact that you are keeping them up to date and perhaps making special offers only for them.

As a digital marketing agency in Leicestershire, we highly encourage close interactions with your business followers. Broadcast channels may assist in the process of humanising your business, developing relationships with clients, and gaining vital insights into the desires and requirements of your customer base. You will be able to get knowledge regarding their interests, preferences, and habits. Thus, you can improve the effectiveness of your marketing initiatives.

Ultimately, you can make your customers (and potential customers) feel more appreciated by showing them that you are willing to listen to them through polls on the channel.


Are there more updates to come?

According to Instagram, they will be adding more features, such as “the ability to bring another creator into the channel to discuss upcoming collabs, collect questions for an AMA via question prompts, and more.”


How can I get early access to broadcast channels?

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Instagram is presently piloting broadcast channels with a select group of creators in the United States, with the intention of expanding the program in the coming weeks.

Although the waitlist is currently full at the time of this writing, you are welcome to check it periodically or wait for their updates on it.


Key Takeaways


  • Instagram launched a new one-to-many group chat feature called ‘Channels,’ where creators can directly communicate with their followers by sending messages, voice notes, videos, and photos and creating polls.
  • Followers who are members of a creator’s broadcast channel can give an emoji reaction to the creator’s updates and participate in the polls.
  • Brands or business owners can take advantage of the new feature by showing their followers (current and potential customers) how willing they are to connect with them and how they want to make them feel appreciated through direct communication.


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