Instagram’s Three Key Priorities for 2023

30th January 2023

It has been widely acknowledged that Instagram has adopted elements from TikTok, particularly with the implementation of Reels. There was even a petition to “Make Instagram Instagram again.” Having heard the users’ feedback, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri admitted that they had gone too far in pushing video in the app. This has turned even more users away, so they paused the rollout of TikTok-like features.

One of Instagram’s primary challenges has been its perceived loss of uniqueness in comparison to other social media platforms. This change has been met with criticism from various individuals, including notable celebrities such as Kylie Jenner. With a massive following of 379 million users on Instagram alone, Jenner holds a significant influence among young audiences. Her endorsement of the petition calling for the restoration of Instagram’s original identity garnered significant support and motivated thousands of individuals to sign it.

Many Instagram users have also expressed dissatisfaction with the increasing prevalence of videos and unrelated posts from unfamiliar users on their Feeds. This has led to concerns that the platform may become irrelevant and experience a significant loss of users if it were to make additional changes that negatively impact the user experience. Despite these concerns, marketers continue to place high importance on Instagram due to its large user base. It is crucial to understand the platform’s direction and any upcoming developments.

In a statement made the previous year, Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri emphasised the importance of enhancing video, messaging, transparency, and control features and supporting content creators in generating income. While acknowledging that progress had been made towards these goals, Mosseri also acknowledged that there had been some setbacks.

On 29 December 2022, Mosseri provided a brief overview of the platform’s three primary objectives for 2023, offering insight into each point.



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This year, Mosseri’s three primary goals are the following:


  1. Inspire people to be creative


People will always come together on Instagram because they like the same things. Even though Instagram’s approaches may change as technology changes, the basic idea of bringing people together through something they have in common will remain the same. This year, the app will continue to adhere to its founding principle of fostering creative expression among its user base, which served as the catalyst for the development of the app in the first place.

According to Mosseri, the capacity for artistic expression was the driving force behind the development of Instagram back in the day with those aesthetic photo filters and wacky frames. People may have been thinking about how the company will integrate more creativity. They wonder if the platform will offer more font styles, effects, aesthetic filters, and classic and minimalist looks on the app. They may also expect to see the works of newbie creators (especially those who share aesthetic, educational, and inspiring posts) without setting aside the people they actually follow.

Meta is aware that it will require creators to assist in building its vision for the metaverse, and it has determined that Instagram is the most effective method for it to engage with next-level talent. Apparently, Facebook provides a different level of visual creation. Meta will need to use Instagram not just to connect with the next generation of creators. They also need the app to guide these talents in many aspects of creativity. During the year, users should anticipate Instagram looking into adding more tools.


  1. Help people discover things they love


Instagram will continue to help people find new content. But that does not only apply to videos. Mosseri reiterates the company’s commitment to assisting users in finding photos and suggested content from creators they do not follow and others outside their niche.

There is a belief among some social media experts that this will carry the risk of causing further frustration among its user base. Nonetheless, Mosseri firmly said, “Instagram should be a place where you discover amazing things every time you use it.” Users may eventually learn to feel excited about discovering new content that can entertain them or that they’re also good at.

Regarding the algorithm, Instagram says they “don’t have one algorithm that oversees what people do and don’t see on the app.” Instead, they “use a variety of algorithms, classifiers, and processes, each with its own purpose.” This explains the second goal: they will still use rankings according to interests, history of interactions, activities, and information. Users are still thankful the platform has a “Following” option to see the chronological posts of those they follow.


  1. Spark connections between people


Through the app’s content, Instagram hopes to facilitate connections between its users. The company aims to promote interactions rather than passive consumption to distinguish itself from other social media platforms. Users can anticipate new features like ‘Notes,’ which lets users send a discussion suggestion in a bubble similar to Stories and is located above the direct messages.




However, the ability for rapid and public communication has also facilitated the unhealthy expression of opinions. In accordance with its Terms and Conditions, Instagram is prepared to address and protect users from virtual aggression. It is also the responsibility of users to safeguard their privacy and well-being on the platform.

To Instagram, achieving this goal might present a significant opportunity to stimulate more conversation and user involvement within the app in relation to the most recent viral videos and postings. Hence, everyone can share their passion, talents, skills, and substantial ideas from which everyone can learn without being considered “irrelevant.”

Avid users of Instagram look forward to what Mosseri discussed on his Instagram reel. By now, they are learning what content could go viral on social media platforms. The idea of being “viral” isn’t limited to the dance moves or fun and silly content; this also refers to those that are inspirational, educational, artistic, and the ones made for marketing. Despite the issues Instagram faces, many people still believe it’s time to nurture their creativity, discover new interests, and connect to a different audience or market.


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