Introducing Kristina Parmar to Metric Connect

04th May 2020

We are happy to announce that our agency has appointed its Operations Manager & Director, Kristina Parmar.

Kristina will be joining her husband, Atish Parmar, as Director of Metric Connect – Digital Marketing.

Atish comments ‘I am delighted that Metric Connect is now a family-run business, and I feel Kristina’s credentials will help our business aim for the heights we project to reach. This leadership with the same vision will drive our business to new heights. This is an exciting time for our young business.’

Get to know Kristina……..

What made you join the business?

Soon after having a family and raising two small children, a work life balance became very challenging. Therefore, I always wanted to make the transition of working for myself, making my own decisions and allowing myself to have the flexibility that allowed me to be there for my children. This ticks all the boxes.

Prior to joining Metric Connect, what were you doing?

Previously, I have worked with Salesforce the leading CRM platform for over 10 years. A big part of my role was working with companies who had purchased the platform and required a salesforce consultant to train end users and control the running of the day-to-day systems.

What do you bring to Metric Connect?

The ethos the business already has in place is key. I shall be implementing the infrastructure by using my experience and knowledge at Metric Connect to help grow our agency.

What is your role in the business?

Aswell as being the director of Metric Connect, my title will be Operations Manager. I shall be heading the growth of our business and making sure the agency is running lean, smart and efficient.

Where do you see Metric Connect in 5 years

Our vision is to see Metric Connect as one of the leading digital marketing agencies. We are a young enthusiastic team that have creative and effective digital marketing strategies that our current clients are thriving from. My appointment shows that the agency is now ready to take on clients throughout the UK for which we are looking to make a mark on.

Fun facts:

Who would you like to meet in person?

Victoria Beckham as she is an inspiration to women in business.

What is your favourite Movie?

When A Man Loves A Women.

What is your favourite past time?

De-cluttering and making sure everything is organised, then…… unwind in a nice boutique coffee shop.


Kristina can be contacted on:

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