LinkedIn’s Native Post Scheduling for Company Pages, New Audio Event Options

09th June 2023

Recently, LinkedIn introduced four new tools to assist businesses in improving their platform marketing efforts. Page administrators may follow and create hot conversations with the aid of these newest updates. They can also make use of automatic or scheduled posting feature, which used to be available only to individual users.

As a social media marketing agency in Leicestershire, we saw how LinkedIn helped many businesses. Those who haven’t built an account on LinkedIn yet should consider creating one now due to the following factors:

  • LinkedIn has more than a million company pages; thus, they can learn a lot from these companies.
  • LinkedIn APIs are being utilised by thousands of developers to produce cutting-edge solutions and services for professionals.
  • With an influential and wealthy membership, LinkedIn represents an essential audience for marketers.

Mary Yang, Director of Product & WIP Co-chair of LinkedIn, wrote:

“LinkedIn Pages enable organisations to showcase their purpose, values, culture, and offerings, while also providing an array of sophisticated publishing and community-building tools [. . .] Our products are constantly evolving to help organisations expand their reach and engage even more members and potential customers through quality, targeted content.”

Yang also emphasised that business owners may advance their brands or group by using a variety of newly released LinkedIn Pages capabilities.

The following are the main LinkedIn updates for March 2023.


Reaching the audience with scheduled posts


Businesses or companies will now be able to choose a day and time for the update to go live when they create a post on the website.

Andrew Hutchinson of Social Media Today believes that, since native scheduling tools are more closely integrated with the platform systems, they can be a better option than third-party social media management apps for scheduling LinkedIn posts. This can simplify things like tagging other pages or previewing how their post will appear in the app.

linkedin native scheduling

With LinkedIn’s native post scheduling feature, business accounts can plan their posts up to three months in advance. They can also view all of their planned posts using the tools on your company profile. These are indeed useful; however, it is (for now) only available on the web version of LinkedIn.


Engaging the community through live, audio-only discussions


The ability to communicate with and hear from the audience directly goes a long way toward building relationships with the business’s community.

According to Yang:

“Hosting Audio Events on LinkedIn is a great way to make your brand available to your audience, establish your organisation as a thought leader and community organiser, and make valuable professional connections in a casual yet professional manner.”

LinkedIn now has its own audio-only component, similar to Twitter Spaces and other interactive podcast formats that have experienced significant development in recent years.

A new method for businesses to interact with a professional network is through LinkedIn Audio Events. This feature makes it possible for businesses to communicate with individuals worldwide in real time.

linkedin audio rooms

LinkedIn Audio Events are intended to be a flexible, relaxed, and simple method of communicating with an audience in a real-world setting with no pressure. When the event is live, attendees may join the “camera-free, pajama-friendly” discussion from anywhere by discovering and RSVPing to the event beforehand.

Yang also shared some details about participating in the conversation:

“Attendees who want to speak during the event can ‘raise their hand’ and you welcome the participant to join you on stage. This way, you choose who gets to speak and when, naturally guiding the conversation as it unfolds. For participants who don’t want to speak live, you can encourage them to react using emojis – a great way to keep your audience engaged and get a pulse on their thoughts.”

Attendees may also explore anywhere they want on the LinkedIn platform without leaving the live event, whether or not they want to take part in the conversation.


Reaching more candidates through automatic job sharing


One of the finest places for hiring managers and recruiters to connect with potential applicants is LinkedIn, and LinkedIn has just made it much simpler for businesses to recruit potential employees.

The admin can choose to have all new job postings published as an automated post to their Page under their account’s job settings. In this manner, the most qualified job seekers may locate the most appropriate openings at the business as soon as they become available.

As per Yang:

“Once activated, LinkedIn will automatically share one of your Page’s open roles per day as a pre-scheduled post to your Page. The text will be pre-populated, but you will still be able to edit the description after the post is shared. Any job listings associated with your Page are eligible for this automatic posting, except for Basic Jobs, and we’ll continue to post one job per day automatically until you have no new roles to share.”

They provided more details on their Help page.


Discovering and participating in more discussions relevant to one’s brand


Last but not least, Company Pages may now follow other pages inside the app, giving users another way to keep up with current business trends.

Finding the information on LinkedIn that is most pertinent to one’s business might be difficult because so many fascinating conversations occur there.

By creating a feed view just for information from the Pages a business account follows, the new feature of following other Pages enables them to stay on top of popular discussions, participate in industry debates with ease, and establish their brand voice.


What can business owners get from LinkedIn’s new features?


We, an agency of social media marketing in Leicestershire, believe that these are the benefits businesses can get from the new features:

  • Easy management of posts and more time to edit them
  • Increased discoverability
  • More engagements and interactions with other businesses
  • Enriched learnings from other companies
  • Achieved suitable job candidate hiring


Key takeaways


To help businesses improve their platform marketing efforts, LinkedIn unveiled four new updates: scheduled posts, audio-only live discussions, scheduled job postings, and the ability to follow other brands.

Businesses can benefit from these tools because they can be more discoverable and learn new things from other companies.


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