LinkedIn’s New ‘Podcast Academy’ to Expand its Podcast Network

23rd June 2023

LinkedIn, the most popular social network for professionals, introduced The LinkedIn Podcast Academy. The initiative’s concept is straightforward: 19 business and startup podcasts produced by LinkedIn users were chosen, and their creator profiles were made public. The program offers mentoring, special programming, and co-branding on LinkedIn.

Basically, the introduction of the Podcast Academy will equip participants with the information they need to begin a successful podcast, and LinkedIn hopes to develop the next generation of podcasting talent.

The podcast academy will give help to aspiring podcast producers, linked with the company’s increasing podcast network effort. It will emanate from the LinkedIn Podcast Network, a collection of LinkedIn-branded podcasts launched last February.

linkedin podcast academy

According to LinkedIn:

“The LinkedIn Podcast Academy is a 6-month incubator pilot, which will connect emerging business podcasts with exclusive programming, coaching, tools and LinkedIn co-branding to expand and better reach their audience. This inaugural group of professional voices cover a wide range of topics in the professional arena: From leadership and entrepreneurship to human resources and technology.”

As specialists in digital marketing in Leicester, we encourage marketers to try using podcasts to share interesting details about the businesses they are trying to grow.


Podcast for businesses


Whatever the industry, competition is always there. Even if one’s products or services are superior and more cost-effective than other possibilities on the market, customers are unlikely to purchase from them until they are recognised. It indicates that offering the best deals will not assist a business’s bottom line. Instead of focusing on bargains and offers, they should think about incorporating something fresh and successful into their marketing approach.

There are several digital marketing tactics that can assist businesses in capitalising on online growth chances for their company. Among the different digital marketing tactics, content marketing is one of the most successful for marketing your company’s online presence. However, almost every business engages with content marketing. Hence, the congested competition.

According to Appy Pie Founder and CEO Abhinav Girdhar:

“Businesses can use podcasts for a variety of purposes, including sharing information about new products, company information, or general information related to the industry. Incorporating podcasts into your marketing plan will offer numerous benefits to your company.”

podcast academy linkedin

Here are some reasons why businesses should try doing podcasts:

• It increases brand recognition.

• It is simple and affordable.

• It opens up new financial possibilities.

• It establishes a business’s authority in its industry.

• It is flexible in terms of access and delivery.

• It is an approach to channel distribution.

• It enables a business to create long-form content.

• It facilitates a company’s interaction with its staff.

• It helps a business establish relationships across industries.

For a business to succeed, having a strong, trustworthy brand is essential. They won’t be able to grow their clientele and revenues if their target market is unfamiliar with their brand. They may establish their brand as a household name if they regularly release podcasts. They should constantly connect the subject to their offering. Their audience becomes more familiar with the brand every time they tie a topic to their product.

A podcast with thoroughly researched material enables businesses to communicate their ideas to the public in fun and engaging new way. If they want to keep their audience’s attention for a longer amount of time, they should consider including a podcast in their organisation’s marketing plan.


Why LinkedIn’s New Podcast Academy?


“At LinkedIn, we want to meet our members where they are. And increasingly we are finding that the world’s professionals are turning to podcasts to get the insights and inspiration they need to accelerate in their careers, boasting more than 460 million listeners globally. But listening is just the start: It’s when we come together to talk to each other and share ideas that relationships deepen and new concepts form. Podcast hosts have not had ways to incubate the conversations and the trusted supporters who come out of them,” LinkedIn Head of Original Programming Courtney Chapman Coupe said.

With a variety of professionally oriented content created to aid listeners in maximising their job chances, LinkedIn’s own Podcast Network has seen that popularity mirrored in it.

LinkedIn is now trying to expand new options to a variety of creators who wish to venture into career guidance. For upcoming podcast hosts, it might be a substantial opportunity, with plenty of tools and exposure possibilities.

As a digital marketing agency in Leicester, we want to encourage businesses to create podcasts that can reach and influence many customers from different parts of the world.


Key takeaways


• LinkedIn introduced The LinkedIn Podcast Academy.

• The podcast academy equips participants with the information they need to begin a successful podcast.

• It helps aspiring podcast producers.

• Small businesses should try doing podcasts because it is easy to do, can help their growth, and influence listeners to buy their products or avail of their services.


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