Most Followed LinkedIn Company Pages in 2023

25th July 2023

LinkedIn, the leading professional networking platform, is home to many company pages that attract millions of followers. These pages serve as a hub of knowledge, inspiration, and opportunities for professionals worldwide.

As a social media marketing agency in Leicestershire, we urge other businesses to learn from the success and strategies employed by these top 10 most followed company pages on LinkedIn. By observing their approaches to content creation, engagement, and community building, businesses can gain valuable insights to enhance their own LinkedIn presence.


Top 10 of the most followed LinkedIn company pages


B2B Growth Co revealed the 100 most followed business accounts on LinkedIn, and here are the 10 accounts with the highest following.

The order is from lowest to highest.


10th – IBM


IBM Linkedin company page


Followers: 15.8M

IBM, with a remarkable 15.8 million followers, secures the tenth position among the most followed company pages on LinkedIn. This significant following demonstrates the enduring appeal and impact of IBM’s technological innovations and business solutions. As a global leader in artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and enterprise solutions, IBM continues to shape the future of technology and drive digital transformation across industries.


9th – LinkedIn News


Linkedin news linkedin company page


Followers: 16.3M

LinkedIn News holds the ninth spot among the most followed company pages on LinkedIn, amassing an impressive 16.3 million followers. This achievement highlights the growing interest in staying updated with industry news and trends within the professional community. LinkedIn News serves as a valuable resource, delivering curated content, thought-provoking insights, and timely articles that resonate with professionals across various sectors. With a focus on business, technology, career development, and industry-specific updates, LinkedIn News keeps its followers informed and engaged, fostering a sense of community and knowledge sharing.


8th – Forbes Magazine


Forbes linkedin company page


Followers: 18.4M

Forbes Magazine, with a staggering 18.4 million followers, secures the eighth spot among the most followed company pages on LinkedIn. Renowned for its authoritative coverage of business, finance, and entrepreneurship, Forbes Magazine’s LinkedIn page offers professionals a wealth of insights, news, and analysis. With a focus on leadership, innovation, and success stories, Forbes Magazine provides valuable content that inspires and informs professionals across industries.


7th – Apple


Apple Linkedin company page


Followers: 18.8M

Apple, a global technology giant, secures the seventh position among the most followed company pages on LinkedIn, amassing an impressive following of 18.8 million users. Renowned for its iconic products, design excellence, and user-centric approach, Apple has cultivated a strong and passionate community of followers on LinkedIn. Their LinkedIn page serves as a hub for professionals interested in the latest updates, product launches, and industry insights from one of the world’s most innovative companies.


6th – Unilever


Unilever linkedin company page


Followers: 19.1M

Unilever, a global consumer goods company, secures the sixth spot among the most followed company pages on LinkedIn, boasting an impressive following of 19.1 million. Known for its diverse portfolio of well-known brands, Unilever’s LinkedIn page offers professionals an engaging platform to connect with the company’s values, initiatives, and career opportunities. With a focus on sustainability, social impact, and responsible business practices, Unilever’s LinkedIn presence resonates with professionals who prioritise ethical and purpose-driven organisations.


5th – Microsoft

Microsoft linkedin company page


Followers: 20.5M

Microsoft, a global technology powerhouse, holds the fifth position among the most followed company pages on LinkedIn, with an impressive following of 20.5 million. Renowned for its innovative software, cloud computing solutions, and digital advancements, Microsoft’s LinkedIn page serves as a central hub of knowledge and inspiration for professionals across industries. With a focus on collaboration, diversity, and empowering individuals and organisations, Microsoft offers valuable insights into emerging technologies, showcases success stories, and provides resources for career development.


4th – Ted Conferences


TED Conferences linkedin company page


Followers: 23.6M

TED Conferences, securing the fourth spot among the most followed company pages on LinkedIn, boasts an impressive following of 23.6 million. Renowned for its captivating talks and thought-provoking presentations, TED has successfully cultivated a vibrant community of professionals seeking inspiration and intellectual stimulation. Through its LinkedIn page, it shares a wealth of engaging content encompassing a wide range of topics, from science and technology to personal development and social issues.


3rd – LinkedIn


Linkedin company page


Followers: 25.5M

With an impressive following of 25.5 million, LinkedIn itself secures the third position among the most followed company pages on its own platform. As the leading professional networking platform, LinkedIn’s page serves as a valuable hub of industry insights, career advice, and networking opportunities for professionals worldwide.


2nd – Google


Google linkedin company page


Followers: 29.9M

Google, the renowned global technology company, secures the second position among the most followed company pages on LinkedIn with an impressive following of 29.9 million. With its vast array of innovative products and services, Google has captivated professionals across industries, making its LinkedIn page a sought-after source of information and inspiration. From advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning to breakthroughs in cloud computing and digital marketing, Google’s LinkedIn presence offers professionals a glimpse into the future of technology and its impact on business.


1st – Amazon


Amazon linkedin company page


Followers: 31.2M

Amazon, securing the first position among the most followed company pages on LinkedIn with an impressive following of 31.2 million, offers professionals a valuable platform for industry news, career opportunities, and insights into the world’s largest e-commerce company, showcasing its global impact and innovation in the digital marketplace.


Key takeaways


The top 10 most followed company pages on LinkedIn, featuring Amazon, LinkedIn News, Forbes Magazine, Apple, Unilever, Microsoft, TED Conferences, LinkedIn itself, Google, and IBM, provide professionals with a diverse range of industry news, insights, and opportunities for personal and professional growth, covering technology, business, sustainability, thought leadership, and career development.

By examining the strategies and tactics of these big businesses on LinkedIn, smaller companies can gain valuable insight and inspiration for improving their LinkedIn presence and reaching a wider audience.

Businesses can improve their LinkedIn presence by consistently posting quality content, optimising their profile, engaging with their audience, leveraging analytics, and more.


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