Pinterest’s New Tips on Effective Pin Advertising Approaches

26th May 2023

When people want to gather ideas under a particular topic, they open their Pinterest app. Pinterest is a visual search engine for inspiration for recipes, decorating ideas, skincare tips, books, and more. If they want to have the “picture” of an idea, this app will help them get it.

Every month, 445 million individuals use Pinterest to get inspiration for their next buys. Hence, as specialists in digital marketing in Leicester, we advise brands and businesses to take advantage of what the app offers for your business.

Pinterest wrote:

“If Pinterest was a country, it would surpass the United States as the third largest in the world.”

For reference, here is what the Pinterest users count is made of:

• 60% comprises women across the globe

• 40% comprises male “pinners”

• 30% comprises Indian “pinners”; and

• 31% are millennials from the UK

People discover Pins on the Pinterest home feed. Depending on their recent activity, the Pins come from the brands and individuals they will love.


Pinterest offers new tips on marketing techniques


On 20 March 2023, Measurement & Insights Lead (Pinterest ANZ) Kate Slaymaker published a blog giving marketing tips, focusing on the sales funnel. The tips are based on several brand lift studies that take into account the opinions of over 120,000 Pinners.


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Slaymaker wrote:

“A full-funnel media strategy is most effective for maximising results on Pinterest. The proof? When a customer sees ads across the funnel—awareness, consideration, and conversion—conversion rates are 3x higher than when ads are seen for just one objective.”

Success on Pinterest, like any other social media network, depends on commitment, uniqueness, and creativity. Continue reading to discover the four tips the company shared.


Experiment with various goals


Pinterest’s major takeaway for advertisers is to target customers at every step of the marketing funnel rather than concentrating on just one. They emphasised, “By adopting more than one objective, advertisers have seen up to a 57% improvement in sales lift. If you’re focused only on conversion, you may forgo reaching new customers further up the funnel.”

According to the statistics, having a more significant emphasis that includes each component gives businesses more opportunities to interact with Pinterest users, which can lead to better outcomes.


Increase investment in video


This means they advise marketers to create a media plan that includes 50 to 60% video and 40 to 50% “tactic and carousel” advertisements.

Video is the most engaging format on Pinterest and the most efficient way of marketing communication, as it is on all social media platforms.

According to Forbes:

“Video content is becoming increasingly popular among consumers to learn about brands and products. A study conducted by NogenTech found that 91% of marketers are using video content in 2023 [. . .] Five to seven years ago, video advertising was mostly done by larger brands and companies. However, now with the rise of social media and video-sharing platforms, smaller businesses and even individuals can create and share high-quality videos.”

The statistics show that Idea Pins, Pinterest’s TikTok-like full-screen vertical feed, is now the platform’s primary format and is the most successful way to communicate brand messages.


Keep the feel of the campaign new


The company believes, “A campaign with 10-15 creative executions (across a two month period) can drive a 3.2x increase in ad recall. While a campaign with 16+ creative executions can drive 2x the lift in favorability.”


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Moving customers through the funnel requires businesses to keep their campaigns new. Only one or two creative execution can’t generate interest, convey a unique proposal, foster favorability, and stimulate a purchase.

This does not imply that they require a dozen unique creatives to increase brand favorability. Businesses can simply make artistic “tweaks,” like varying the text’s font or changing the color scheme.


Consider measurement holistically


Pinterest encourages marketers to link their upper funnel brand building and acquisition operations with lower funnel performance activities in order to really analyse campaign efficacy. Instead of comparing each component to the same data points, businesses must evaluate the success of each component within the context of the entire campaign.

As an example, Slaymaker wrote:

“How-to videos, recipes and tutorials measure substantially stronger mid-lower funnel uplifts like 12x the impact on brand favourability and 8.5x on purchase intent. To maximise results pick the ad format that best fits your goals and aim to educate and inspire Pinners to incorporate your products or brand in their life in relevant ways.”

While Pinterest strongly encourages efficient marketing, knowing about brand safety is essential, which lets businesses know how the company protects them.


Is it worth your business?


Pinterest may be new to most small businesses when it comes to advertising their products, as opposed to their familiarity with Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. But with the number of Pinterest, we can say it’s worth it. We have observed successful Pinterest stories as consultants in digital marketing in Leicester, and it’s becoming more successful.


Key Takeaways


• Kate Slaymaker, Measurement & Insights Lead (Pinterest ANZ), released a blog with marketing suggestions concentrating on the sales funnel on 20 March 2023.

• The three tips are: experimenting with various goals, increasing investment in video, keeping the feel of the campaign new, and taking a holistic approach to measurement.

• Given the number of Pinterest users, small businesses can benefit from these tips.


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