A mother’s perspective on a work-life balance….is there one?
05th May 2021
Kristina discusses her viewpoint on mums finding a work-life balance, does it even exist? This episode highlights the following points: - What is 'mum-guilt'? - Tips on easing pressure - Saying 'Yes' to less - Daily habits - Can you really do ALL the jobs as a mum? Listening to Kristina's take and her personal journey may connect with you and help your current journey as a working mum. Get in touch with Kristina or us at Metric Connect using the links below: Kristina Parmar Metric Connect If you found this episode useful, please leave us a review - CLICK HERE  or share it on your Instagram stories and tag us in for us to share too. Thank you.
Starting a business at 63 years old….. hear about the ups & downs of an entrepreneur with Pushpa Parmar
28th April 2021
We're finally back! To celebrate our new rebrand we welcome who we see as the most influential person in Atish's life......his mum Pushpa Parmar. This podcast highlights Pushpa's route into entrepreneurship and her journey being a successful female boss, an immigrant into the UK at 16 years old, a cancer recurrent sufferer, and the most exciting part is starting a business at 63 years old. Hear her take on starting a business, the pitfalls of an unsuccessful business, and overcoming challenges to focus on your vision. Follow Pushpa on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/123pushpa/ Don't forget to check out our website for more tips on Social Media and Business: https://metricconnect.co.uk/ Follow us: Atish Parmar Metric Connect
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