A mother’s perspective on a work-life balance…is there one?

05th May 2021

A mother's perspective on a work-life balance

Kristina discusses her viewpoint on mums finding a work-life balance; does it even exist?

Being a working mum is hard.

Working mums often find themselves juggling their careers with the demands of family life, and it can be tough to strike a balance between the two.

Many working mums feel guilty about their career because they don’t spend enough time at home with their children. Others feel guilty about not being able to devote more time to their jobs because they want to spend more time with their family.

Just as there are no rules for finding work-life balance, there are also no hard and fast rules for becoming a successful working mom.

This episode highlights the following points:

  • What is ‘mum-guilt’?
  • Tips on easing pressure
  • Saying ‘Yes’ to less
  • Daily habits
  • Can you really do ALL the jobs as a mum?


Listening to Kristina’s take and her personal journey may connect with you and help your current journey as a working mum. Get in touch with Kristina or us at Metric Connect using the links below:

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