Decluttering Tips by Kristina Parmar

12th June 2020

decluttering tips

Are you struggling to be productive? It could be because you’re surrounded by clutter.

Clutter is often associated with messiness and disorganization. But, it’s more than just a physical thing. Clutter is any physical or mental burden that’s preventing you from doing what you want.

If your house has a lot of clutter, it means you have too much stuff — books, clothes, and knickknacks — that you don’t use or need. If your inbox has a lot of clutter, it could be because you have hundreds of unread emails that are weighing on you and making it hard to focus on your work.

You can declutter your life in all kinds of ways: physically, emotionally, and mentally.

There is no doubt that most people know the value of decluttering. It makes your life easier and helps you feel more organized. However, many people struggle to make it a regular part of their lives.

In this episode, Kristina Parmar from Metric Connect discusses why decluttering enables an increase in productivity in life and work. Hear the full episode and learn the best tips and tricks to decluttering. See how it can benefit you.

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