Social Media Tips For Estate Agents & Homebuilders

12th June 2019

Having spent the past twelve years as an Estate/Letting Agent. My constant aim was to have my website on top of Google and Google Maps. Year-on-year, more customers came from Google.


The fundamental part of getting a higher position on Google is ensuring your website is SEO friendly. If you are more of a hands-on business owner, then I would certainly check out Neil Patel’s SEO checker by clicking here. Implementing the priority items will positively impact your organic search results. I use Neil Patel’s tips on my own business and highly recommend it. Another reason is that we also share the same hair type……

If you have a company looking after your SEO, ensure they have everything in place by using the generated report.

In addition, the other factor for good results in SEO is being active and relevant on all the Social Media platforms. Google looks at your accounts and gives credibility to regular content and good engagement through followers.

Social Tips

The following Social Media tips which are focused on Property Professionals will give your business a boost in the right direction.

  • Responding to comments & messages

Setting up auto-replies on Facebook Messenger is vital. As you may have already seen, Facebook shows your customers' reply times. This should be very responsive, as this will show more credibility to your business page.

Although Instagram, Twitter, and Linked do not highlight how effective the response times are. I would recommend that they are also completed in the same manner as Facebook Messenger. Remember, these people have followed or liked you. See them as potential customers in the future.

Responding to negative comments is a must. It is always good for third parties to know your side of the story rather than just the negative one.

  • Videos

Video is now gaining more engagement than any other format. Having a video of a property will diminish some people attending a viewing, as they see the property for what it is and may not favour it. We all have gone down the path of wide-angle lens cameras……. and hearing “oh, it looks bigger on Rightmove & Zoopla” from the viewer. It’s just a waste of your time if the property is not a true reflection.

Add all the videos on your own YouTube channel. As this is owned by Google, it will give more credibility to your website and rank it higher. If you have not yet created a channel, click here for a quick tutorial, its easy.

  • Current Clients

I highly recommend informing your current clients to join you on all Social Media platforms. Be consistent with this. Why? If they are your current customers, they must like your experience. They will be the best advocates to leave a review or give positive feedback online.

  • Blogs

I inform all of my clients to keep blogging about local and property-related topics. Your potential customer wants to give business to the best company. If you are leading the way in this, it provides the new clients more trust in your industry.

As our marketing agency has experience within the property sector, we have regular meetings with our partners (clients) and add our information on what we think should be within a blog. Having creative content from both parties gives a better read.

Again, blogs are looked at by Google and will give you more credentials to rank higher.

  • Different Types of Clients

A lot of agencies will focus on one genre of clientele. It is always more beneficial to reach a larger audience. First-time buyers, second-time buyers, investors, developers all have a very different vision when buying or selling a property. The advantage of this is you will have more content ideas to add to your Social Media profiles.


I hope these points help your business.

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