TikTok’s Updated ‘Promote’ Tools to Amplify Organic Content

14th April 2023

Promote is a function that has been added to TikTok that lets users easily convert any of their current videos into advertisements. This feature is one of several new targeting and boosting capabilities that have been added.

There are many aspiring influencers or content creators, but nowadays, posting clips that actually have great potential is still hit-or-miss. Unfortunately, creators who put in so much effort creating TikTok videos can still be overshadowed by those who exert less. This happens especially when the “effortful” creator is still a novice or someone who has not achieved a great number of views and followers. Business accounts also experience the same.

To help the small creators, TikTok has added four new ways to its fast Promote ad function. As mentioned, this tool has been helping marketers to effectively enhance their postings by using a shortened campaign development process in-stream. Now, TikTok has added some additional options.


What’s new with Promote feature?

tiktok updated promote tools

TikTok creators and businesses now have access to extra tools that allow them to target their targeted audiences and pick exactly how users may engage with their advertisements thanks to new Promote capabilities. These are the four new ways Promote can help them:

• Encourage more people to visit your page on TikTok

According to TikTok, this goal is “designed to help you… lead your audience from your video to your profile, where they can really see what makes you special.”

This works when a person watches a video that has been Promoted with the “more profile views” goal. They will see a hard-to-miss CTA button that drives straight to the creator’s or business’s profile.

The “More profile views” goal is great for videos that “…tell your brand’s story or show off a range of products or services…”

Businesses can use their most inviting video for promotion and incorporate the goal in it. With such a video, viewers will surely click the “View TikTok profile” button.

• Increase the number of messages you receive from potential customers

Its objective is to encourage more immediate communication within the app. With this goal, it is possible for small businesses to route viewers straight to their TikTok inboxes.

There will be an increase in the amount of interaction that B2B brands, service businesses, and sellers have with their customers, which may result in increased sales or conversion.

• Promote the work of other content creators

Small businesses are working with TikTok creators to help their biggest fans spread the word about how great their businesses are. With “Promote for others,” businesses can further outstretch their message.

Basically, this feature lets marketers promote a creator’s videos or LIVE videos to get more of their target audience to watch them. You can check out the video that shows how it works.

“Promote for Others” can help businesses if they work with creators or want to learn more about how they can help them. They just need to ask the creator for permission to promote their content, choose the video or LIVE event they want to boost, and set up the campaign in the usual way.

tiktok promote tool

• Target audience or potential customers by location

Businesses that have a traditional storefront, such as restaurants and service-based businesses that are confined in the area they cover, are perhaps the most significant candidates for location targeting.

This more precise targeting helps present their products and services to more people that are geographically adjacent to them, which may result in their campaigns having a higher rate of success.

The procedure for promoting on TikTok is simple. You will be able to choose your goal through a straightforward process within the app. Then, you can add a noticeable CTA to your advertisement. It’s the ideal method for capitalising on what’s already working and advertising your most successful organic clips. You can even tap into material that’s now popular by boosting creator clips.


Is this the same as “heating”?


According to a Forbes article, there is also a technique called “heating.” It refers to “boosting videos into the For You feed through operation intervention to achieve a certain number of video views.”

TikTok has never publicly stated that it participates in heating. While other technology companies engage, at least to some degree, in attempts to amplify certain postings to their users, they often mark clearly when they are doing it. TikTok has never done so.

As a social media marketing agency in Leicestershire, we see creators and businesses who use the “official” means of boosting their videos become more successful.


Key Takeaways


• TikTok introduced four new goals when using the Promote feature: drive more visits to your TikTok page, get more messages from potential customers, boost other creators’ content, and target your audience by location.

• Instead of merely opening an ad account and spending a lot of money for delivery, these goals set excellent alternatives for businesses to create an organic presence and evaluate what works best within the app.

• The updates benefit all content creators: influencers, educators, performers, and brands or business owners.


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