Tips on improving an Instagram Live experience

04th April 2021

Why use Instagram Live?

One of the fastest ways to build rapport with your Instagram followers is through live video. Live experiences gives viewers an opportunity to interact with you, have their questions answered in real time, and tune into experiences as they’re unfolding.

Tips to improve the broadcast

  • Set up a practice account
  • Prepare your phone for the broadcast session. Put it in “Do Not Disturb’ mode
  • Get your presentation assets in order
  • Strengthen your internet connection

Get Viewers

Gamification and live interaction can help entice viewers to keep watching and engage rather than tune out.

Urge your viewers to ask questions if your subject matter is on the Live Q&A. Consider creating an offer or invitation that has a limited number of spots. Disappearing incentives that have a deadline for redemption can get more viewers too.


If you want to maximise awareness and viewership of an Instgram Live video, consider creating pre-broadcast asset material to help get the word out. Use your posts to communicate the who/what/where/when/why/how of your upcoming live video broadcast, as well as the outcomes and benefits tuning in.

Repurpose your material

Once you’ve successfully completed your instagram live video, consider directing future traffic to your broadcast. If the broadcast featured material that can benefit future users beyond the 24-hour replay mark in stories, consider adding your live video to a new or existing story highlight.

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