Top Ten Tips on Increasing Your Brand with Social Media

29th November 2019

The Tips To Increase Your Brand

We have compiled some simple tips on Increasing your brand through social media. Having a presence on social media is key in the current market. It’s a quick way to ensure your brand’s voice is heard, and you get conversions. For a relevant, eye-catching, and varied feed, take a look at our tips below.

1. Videos

Video is a great way to tell a short story and create eye-catching content. In just a few seconds, you can get your message across using visuals that will attract customers. They’re the most popular content type on Facebook, with users engaging with these types of posts more than others. They can be used to inform customers, as part of a marketing campaign or to promote your services. Online video creation and editing sites such as PowToon make it easy for you to make customised videos that will get customers' attention and improve conversion rates.

2. Articles

LinkedIn is a great platform for longer-form content. Writing short or in-depth articles generate great traction on the professional networking site. You can use LinkedIn to tell your brand story, or write regular blog posts to keep your audience interested. And according to The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn, it’s the number one platform for sharing B2B content. It’s also great for lead generation, emphasising why regular posts are important – they’ll generate more sales.

If your business has a page, make sure it’s kept updated so your brand is represented well. Having an incomplete page without a photo could be the difference between getting a new lead or not.

3. Infographics

A great way to put bitesize content into one post, infographics are becoming increasingly popular. The majority of social media users prefer visual imagery, so it’s beneficial to include infographics on your social channels. Adding an infographic to your text post makes it 30 times more likely to be read. For simple, easy-to-use infographic templates, try Canva.

4. Stories

Stories are now part of Facebook and Instagram, and they’re a great way to post up-to-date content. Take your customers on a journey with you as you post in real time. Uploading regular stories increases brand awareness and can generate enquiries about your services. They’re a great way for businesses to up their exposure in the market. Did you know, a third of the most watched stories come from businesses?

5. Interaction

Having a great social strategy can really boost your content marketing efforts. But to go one step further, interacting with customers (current and potential) can really improve conversion rates. By being responsive on social channels, it shows your commitment to customers and also represents the brand in a professional manner.

6. Paid advertising (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn)

Putting a spend on adverts can be key in gaining traction on your posts. Through paid advertising, you can specifically define your target audience based on interests, location, age and certain other factors. So if you already know who your audience is, it’s a case of using paid adverts to your advantage and reaching more individuals within your target demographic.

7. Facebook groups

Creating a group alongside your Facebook page provides a platform for your customers to discuss your products and services. Building a community is important for lead generation and conversion rates, so hearing from happy customers can boost your business. Having a group also gives you a slightly less formal way to interact with people and answer their queries.

8. Live videos

Live streaming is very popular online, infact 80% of consumers prefer to watch live videos than reading. They’re a great way of talking directly to your audience and keeping them up-to-date on your business, and ideal way of increasing your brand. They’re important in marketing your products and services because the number of people watching live streams is growing – by 2020, live streams are said to be accountable for 82% of internet traffic.

9. Collaborating with influencers and other Businesses

A great way of expanding your reach is by working with influencers and other businesses. Collaborating with them means your content can reach a much wider audience. In the case of working with others, there’s usually a cost involved – so make sure you research which influencers and businesses you want to work with, so you can get the best possible results.

10. Sales funnels

Social media posts work as part of a sales funnel. They can be the initial point where prospective customers interact with your products, so it’s vital to capture their interest from that point. Through consistent messaging on social media, your website and through community groups, trust will be established in your brand and can generate more sales.

Ierf you require help with any of the points we have made, we would be more than happy to guide you the right way. Click here to add your contact details for a member of Metric Connect to contact you.

We hope you enjoyed our tips.