What is the Clubhouse app?

19th April 2021

How Clubhouse Works


Quite simply, Clubhouse is a new invite-only and audio-only application that many predicted to be the next big social platform. The app started in Silicon Valley and soon saw thousands of celebrities joining through the invite process. It has surpassed these numbers and has over 2 million users worldwide since word began to spread.

The way it works is you can start your own conversation, join in with conversations already happening, or eavesdrop on others’ chats – and they’re all live. It’s unlike its peer social channels in that ‘likes’, comments, and messages aren’t a feature. This makes it unique and a different way to network during the pandemic. It provides a real-time way of speaking to people you wouldn’t usually talk to or listening in on a discussion about a topic you’re interested in.


Accessing Clubhouse


If you’re lucky enough receive an invitation, and if you have an iPhone (the app is currently on iPhone only), you can access Clubhouse. When you visit Clubhouse’s website, you can download the app and reserve your username. If you connect your phone contacts, they’ll be able to see you’ve joined and send you an invite if they wish to.

Once you’ve downloaded the app and got exclusively invited, you’ll log in and see the Clubhouse ‘hallway’. This is the name for its newsfeed, where you can see different ‘rooms’ (places where conversations are happening) and join the ones you like. These are on whom you follow. So, if someone you follow has joined a room, a suggestion for the other rooms in that category will pop up.

When you join a room, you’re initially a listener and can use the ‘raise your hand’ feature. This lets the room moderator know you want to say something. They have the option to accept or deny your request. Moderators can also invite people from the audience to speak, mute speakers, and send speakers back to the audience. You can become a moderator by either opening a new room or if a current moderator makes you a moderator.

The layout of the rooms is similar to a real-life speaker event. There’s a stage, where the room owner, moderators, speakers, and audience are. If you’re a speaker, you share the stage with other speakers and take turns unmuting and muting yourself. This is so that other speakers can also join the discussion.


The Use of Clubhouse


Paul Davison and Rohan Seth founded Clubhouse to form communities worldwide when the pandemic kept many of us at home. In a world where many things are now online, Clubhouse provides a networking platform. It breaks in-person networking barriers and allows people across the globe to connect and converse about topics that matter to them. It’s also unlike other social apps because you can use other channels, such as Instagram or Facebook, while actively listening to a Clubhouse room.

Although Clubhouse is new and still in its beta stage, it’s proving to be extremely popular with its users. If you received an invitation, now is a perfect time to take advantage of the fact that it’s not saturated and start making connections for your career.


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