What’s New on LinkedIn in 2023: New Features and Updates

25th January 2023

If you’re not regularly checking LinkedIn for updates, you’re missing out. The platform is constantly evolving and adding new features, and 2023 is shaping to be a big year for LinkedIn users. Here are seven updates that you should be aware of.


Auto Captions and High Contrast


LinkedIn has recently taken steps to make videos more accessible for hearing or visually-impaired individuals. Captions are automatically generated and can be edited prior to publishing. Additionally, users can activate high contrast mode while watching a video to adjust the colours. Both features ensure that everyone can easily access LinkedIn’s content, regardless of hearing and visual ability, providing an optimum user experience.

linkedin autocaptions highcontrast
Tomer Cohen | Chief Product Officer at LinkedIn


Standardised Accessibility Job Titles


Standardised accessibility job titles enable those working in the field of accessibility to be more easily seen and find opportunities that match their skills. Users will now have a selection of titles such as “accessibility designer” or “accessibility engineer” when creating a profile.

linkedin standardised accessibility job titles
Tomer Cohen | Chief Product Officer at LinkedIn


Alt Text Functionality in Campaign Manager


Advertisers can now make their campaigns more inclusive and accessible with Campaign Manager’s new alt-text feature. This feature allows them to add alternative text to images in their ad campaigns, making it possible for visually impaired users to understand the content presented. By providing this additional layer of accessibility, advertisers ensure that all audiences have an equal opportunity when interacting with their ads.


Personalised Job Collections


LinkedIn has recognised that many users are open to considering new job opportunities, even if they are not actively searching for a new job. In order to assist these casual job-seekers, they’re testing out personalised job collections based on users’ interests and job search history. These collections will help users discover new job options that align with their values and preferences and make exploring potential career opportunities easier.

linkedin personalised job collections
Tomer Cohen | Chief Product Officer at LinkedIn



Updates To B2B Product Search


LinkedIn has introduced Product Pages as a way for users to discover products that meet their needs, connect with community experts, and make purchases if desired.

The platform features almost 90,000 B2B products, which can be easily located through LinkedIn search. In order to create a more personalised experience, LinkedIn plans to add new category filters and improve the relevance of the Product Pages. These pages aim to streamline the process of researching and evaluating products for business purchasing decisions. By providing relevant information and connecting users with customer feedback and sales reps, LinkedIn aims to empower professionals to make informed purchasing choices.

linkedin b2b product search
Tomer Cohen | Chief Product Officer at LinkedIn



Post Scheduling


LinkedIn has recently introduced a scheduling feature that allows users to plan and schedule their posts in advance. When creating a post, a “schedule” icon will appear next to the “Post” button. By clicking this icon, users can select the desired day and time for their content to be shared. This feature gives users complete control over their content and allows them to edit as needed.

linkedin post scheduling
Tomer Cohen | Chief Product Officer at LinkedIn


Content Analytics


LinkedIn enhanced its creator analytics dashboard with the addition of audience insights and top-performing posts. This allows users to analyse their follower growth and examine the demographic breakdowns of their audience. With updated data exporting capabilities, users can also quickly identify trends and manage their analytics in a way that is most effective for them. To access this update, users must have creator mode enabled on their accounts.

linkedin content analytics
Tomer Cohen | Chief Product Officer at LinkedIn


LinkedIn is making strides in its user experience, with a commitment to offering up-to-date features and updates designed to help users get the most out of their accounts. As LinkedIn continues to evolve, we can expect even more features and updates in the years ahead. Keep an eye on this platform to stay ahead of the curve and make the most of your professional network.


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