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We’re not just your average digital marketing agency, we’re in love with Social Media, Business & Growth! Mix that all together and you get clients (which we like to call our partners) within the property, fashion and luxury brands industry achieving amazing results and increasing revenue far greater than their competitors. This is accomplished by our expertise and that's Social Media Marketing!

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Success Story

Shonki Bros

Logo Marketing

Established Property Auctioneer in the East Midlands. They have a clear vision and goals which were to take the brand to another level and have more exposure to a new audience and create amazing content.

Our aim was to start their social media journey by getting the right people following and engaging with their content.

  • Average monthly increase of engagement
  • Implemented a sales funnel to increase leads for auction buyers/seller
  • Creating content that attracts followers
  • Consulting staff to go live on all forms
  • Quarterly strategies from in-depth analytics
  • Review management on major review outlets

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The Social Connection Podcast consists of a world with three main elements; Social Media, Entrepreneurship & Business. We bring you Social Media Tips, interviews & hot topics in the world of business.

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22nd September 2021
How To Dominate Video Marketing in 2021 with Short Form Videos   Video marketing in 2021 has changed drastically. With the explosion of TikTok and the emergence of Reels and YouTube Shorts, users are now more driven to consume short-form video content. We are seeing less highly-produced videos as brands are leaning into the short-form, […]

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